Business Benefits

This section of our Web Site was especially created in order to assist hair & beauty professionals to develop their business through Salon Styler Evo.Being an owner of a Salon, means that the professional has two simultaneous roles. The role of the hairdresser, and the role of the businessman.The secret is to be able to distinguish between these two roles, and succeed in both of them!

As a hairdresser, one should guide their clients in order to achieve the ideal visual result, regarding the clients’ haircut, their hairstyle and their hair color. Of course, the result differs from Salon to Salon, according to the professional’s knowledge, experience and skills.

As a businessman, one’s role is completely different. The visual result is not the priority. The priority must be the right operation, the viability and especially the development of one’s business. As a businessman, one cannot afford to wait for the developments; he should be the one that creates them.

But, how can a Salon develop in order to differentiate itself and prevail over its competitors? Being a good hairdresser is the initial step for success, but it does not guarantee it.

The success is guaranteed when a professional has the ability to provide Value Added Services to his customers. This way, he is going to 'preserve' the existing customers, and attract new ones! 

Our proposal to professionals is to provide an innovative service that will better fulfill the needs of their clients, regarding their ‘look’. A new haircut, a new hairstyle, a new hair color are things that can offer a positive self image, self confidence, joy, satisfaction and a feel-good mood to their clients.


  • How easy, is it really for the clients to explain to the professionals what they want?
  • How easy is it for the professionals to explain what they visualize for the look of their clients?
  • How many clients did not finally decide to change their look, because they were afraid of the result of a potential change?
  • How many clients were not satisfied with the result of their new haircut, hairstyle, hair color, and left unhappy;
  • How many clients finally decided to go to change their professional hairstyler because of all the above reasons?


All the above unfortunate situations are very easily avoided when the professionals use Salon Styler Evo, because in a digital beauty session they can visualize and show their customers their new look before they create it for them.


Additional Benefits for the professionals:

  • Satisfied clients!
  • Increase of revenues!
  • Creation of a loyal client database!

Depending on the Salon’s policy, the service can offered for free of charge to its clients or with charge in order to create higher monthly revenues.